My laptop is currently down. I plan on getting a new one soon but as of right now, I cannot link you to specific fanfics you are asking for due to me being mobile. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Anonymous said:
U got any boyxboy story

Not that I know of, anon.

Anonymous said:
Any fanfics where Chris has a sexual relationship with a family member?

Ooooh, you nasty. But here:

Anonymous said:
Heey ❤️. I want to say that I love your blog. It's so helpful. Do you know any Chris Brown fanfics with sad endings ? If you do, can you pretty please post the links ? Thank you <3.

Thank you, baby. :) And I don’t read fanfics like I used to. Life has gotten hectic but do any of the blog followers know of any? If so, reply or send them in via askbox or submit.

Chapter Two


Anonymous said:
Fan fics where chris goes to prison ??

Anybody know of one?

Anonymous said:
Do you know any fanfiction when chris helps a kidnapped girl then start likin her?

Stuff like that is in my navigation already.

grandpahoudini said:
Could give stories with j cole Chris brown and tyga all in it

One Life to Live.