Chapter Two


Anonymous said:
Fan fics where chris goes to prison ??

Anybody know of one?

Anonymous said:
Do you know any fanfiction when chris helps a kidnapped girl then start likin her?

Stuff like that is in my navigation already.

grandpahoudini said:
Could give stories with j cole Chris brown and tyga all in it

One Life to Live.

a life of crime , betrayal, lust and a bunch of other things - most of important of all lessons learned. obstacles are going to get in the way of this group of individuals its up to them to survive the struggle. some ride it the shit out to glory and … just blaze it and others … well they get blind sides and left off in the dust.

what doesnt lift us up holds us down. like an eerie unequivocal space of inopportune instances of saying hello, goodbye, or just simply appreciate that which stands before us covered in all its flaws. mask me in your great ambition, riddle me with your lies and untold truths, and cover me in your crimson kisses -so my body can be at ease and thank the heavens for this shire bit of luck called gravity.

i took a trip to the bad side and never came back … but who’s to say i even wanted to …

beauty-beastlyff said:
can you promo my fanfic please and thank you.

Check it out!

Anonymous said:
The anon with the question about Chris having his tongue pierced it was letitbebeautifulff that's one with him having a tongue piercing.

Anonymous said:
Is there a fanfic wher Chris falls in love with a lebian?

I looked and didn’t see any. I meant to answer this but forgot to.