beauty-beastlyff said:
can you promo my fanfic please and thank you.

Check it out!

Anonymous said:
The anon with the question about Chris having his tongue pierced it was letitbebeautifulff that's one with him having a tongue piercing.

Anonymous said:
Is there a fanfic wher Chris falls in love with a lebian?

I looked and didn’t see any. I meant to answer this but forgot to.

Anonymous said:
Do you know of any where he is a assasin

Not that I know of.

Anonymous said:
A fanfics where Chris is a normal person? Like with different friends not tyga mijo etc..

Majority of his fanfics are him being a normal person. Only a few I’ve seen with him being an actual celebrity. Search the tags.

Anonymous said:
Some of the summaries people ask you about is so vague and it makes me wonder "Is this the entire plot? Is this what you are searching for?" Pathetic.

Lol, honestly it’s hard to find specific fanfics they’re looking for so I just don’t bother doing it anymore. I’m a promotion blog, ya know. Not a directory but I do what I can. I’ll link people to general stuff like fanfics revolving around certain people or supernatural things but as far as searching high and low for one fanfic is a no. Too much and I’m only one person.

Anonymous said:
Do you know any kaylin garcia with chris brown fanfic

Poetic Justice.

Anonymous said:
karrueche an chris ffs

Look through the Chrae fanfic tag..

Anonymous said:
Can you promote my fanfiction please? It's starring Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown 3-16amfanfic

Check it out.

Anonymous said:
can you update the chris brown and india westbrooks fan fics please more than half are deleted

If I find any, I’ll add them.